Welcome!  We invite you to discover for yourself the reason we are so passionate about this wonderful breed.  The Maremma Italian Sheepdog has been guarding and protecting livestock for hundreds of years in both Italy and Australia.  It’s only been in the last 30 years that  the breed has made it’s way into the United States.

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Our family discovered this breed just two and a half years ago when we were looking for a dog for our two boys to grow up with and at the same time we decided we needed a way to protect our herd of sheep from various predators that roam through our area of Indiana.  We had seen several coyotes and foxes roaming in our pastures. Yet at the time we were particularly distressed that some neighbor dogs had gotten out one night and chased our sheep through our electric fence scattering them into several adjacent pastures. Some of the sheep were chased off the property and into the wooded ravine behind us. One pregnant ewe had gotten trapped in a steep walled ravine.  Several of the sheep recovered off of the farm were bleeding and had various wounds that had been inflicted on them by the dogs.picture_Leo by pond_091313

We researched various livestock guardian dogs and came across the Maremma Italian Sheepdog.  We were struck by the Maremma’s beauty and were also drawn to the breed because my husband had grown up with a similar breed for their family dog – the Kuvasz. We were sold on the breed when we learned that the Maremma is a devoted and loyal companion to it’s family, loves children, and will defend and protect it’s animal family as well as it’s people family with it’s life.  What more can you ask for in a dog?

We discovered that the breed is hearty, lives an average of 13 years, and is virtually free of most of the health issues that other purebred dogs are plagued with.  We also discovered that they were able to tolerate both extremes of heat and cold and required little or no grooming.  We learned that the Maremma is independent, devoted, protective, and absolutely perfect for our family and our farm.  Oh, and by the way, since Bella and Leonardo came to our farm, we haven’t seen any dogs, coyotes, or foxes anywhere near our sheep.  To top it off, our two boys are growing up with the dogs they always dreamed of having!  Discover the Maremma for yourself.  You will be so glad that you did!pictures_020813_Kings Island_Bella 048