Mona Lisa

Download a PDF of Mona Lisa’s pedigree here.

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Our family traveled to Morsasco, Italy in April of 2014 and met with Italian breeder Dario Capogrosso to choose Mona Lisa.  We spent a day on the farm meeting his dogs and picking Mona.  She is mild tempered, has good guardian instincts, has physical traits consistent with the Maremma breed and a pedigree with genetics that are virtually new to the United States.  At the end of our journey in Europe we visited the Louvre in Paris to view the Mona Lisa.  We have decided that our Mona is the most beautiful of the two masterpieces by far!

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Mona is a sweet and gentle lady with her flock and family but a fierce protector that would defend them with her life.  We have been very fortunate to have Mona on our farm as a protector of our sheep, chickens and bees.